Everything You Need to Know About Ready Lawn in Auckland

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to transform your lawn? Look no further than roll out ready lawn in Auckland. With its lush, green appearance and minimal maintenance requirements, it's quickly becoming the go-to choice for homeowners throughout the city.

What is Ready Lawn?

Ready lawn, also known as instant turf or roll-out grass, is pre-grown turf that can be quickly laid down to create an instant lawn. The Lawn Laying Company (lawnlayingcompany.co.nz) provides high-quality ready lawn services throughout Auckland.

Benefits of Ready Lawn in Auckland

There are numerous benefits to choosing ready lawn over other forms of lawn laying. Here are just a few:

  • Instant results: With traditional seeding methods, it can take weeks or even months for grass to fully grow in. With ready lawn, however, you'll have a beautiful new lawn almost immediately.
  • Minimal maintenance: Unlike seeded lawns that require frequent watering and fertilizing during the growing period, ready lawns come with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Lush appearance: Ready lawns are pre-grown under optimal conditions and are typically weed-free with consistent color and texture.

Types of Turf Grass

The type of turf grass used in your ready lawn will depend on factors like climate zone and soil type. Some common varieties used for ready lawns include:

  • Fescue: A cool-season grass variety well-suited to moderate temperatures and regular rainfall.
  • Bermuda: A warm-season grass that thrives in hot weather with good drought tolerance.
  • Zoysia: An adaptable grass species that's both heat- and drought-resistant.

How Does Ready Lawn Installation Work?

Getting started with a new ready lawn is simple when you choose The Lawn Laying Company for installation services.

  1. Site Evaluation - First, they will evaluate your space to determine the best type of ready lawn for your needs based on factors like soil type, sunlight, drainage, and more.
  2. Ground Preparation - Next, they will prepare the ground by removing any weeds or debris and ensuring proper drainage to prevent waterlogging.
  3. Soil Conditioning - The team will condition the soil with nutrients and other helpful materials to ensure a healthy lawn.
  4. Sod Laying - Finally, the sod is laid down in a staggered pattern to create an even appearance. Within several weeks after installation, irrigation should be adjusted based on the amount of sun/time the area gets which will help it settle in faster.

FAQs About Ready Lawn in Auckland

How often do I need to water my ready lawn?

When you first install your new ready lawn, be sure to water it daily until it's fully established (typically 7-14 days). After that initial period has passed, reduce watering to two or three times per week depending on rainfall/moisture during hot weather conditions We recommend adding 1 inch of water per week through rainfall/irrigation if possible.

When can I mow my new ready lawn?

You'll want to let your new lawn grow for several weeks before mowing for the first time.. Typically you'll start noticing blades of grass standing up which means it's time! Set your mower blade height higher than usual for this first cut as you don't want to scalp the newly installed turf grass.. Once established you can mow at normal heights going forward; usually around 2-3 inches tall helps roots develop deep for durability and a healthy looking lawn.

Are there any parts of Auckland where ready lawns won't grow well?

While most regions within Auckland are suitable for ready lawns, there are some neighborhoods that may have challenges due mainly to rocks/stones or heavy clay soils. Coastal environments pose challenges with saltwater exposure since most turf grass species can't tolerate extended periods of salt spray so special measures might be necessary to prevent turf decline.


Ready lawn is a durable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional lawns that's ideal for homeowners throughout Auckland. Whether you're looking to cultivate a beautiful front yard or enhance your outdoor living spaces, The Lawn Laying Company can help you take advantage of all the benefits ready lawn has to offer. Get in touch today for more information about out team and services.